Hi, I'm Christine.

This is my space where I get to share BEAUTIFUL and AUTHENTIC stories of LOVE and LIFE and all the ADVENTURES in between.

I get excited about watching the sunrise (literally - every. single. day). I love Mondays and have a tendency to squeal with delight every time I spot a horse, doggo, or any type of marine creature. I am very proudly South African, I'm pretty sure SA might just be the best place on Earth. I love to travel and have traveled to 22 countries so far (but also, if it involves exiting the front door it qualifies as an adventure). I'm a health and fitness fanatic and thanks to the usual quarter-life crisis I have become a borderline obsessive triathlete since 2019 (so in other words, if I'm not shooting, I'm training). To sum it all up, I love God, love life, and love people - and I can't tell you how much a love getting to be a part of capturing precious memories to last you a lifetime!